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Tree & Shrub Farm

Our Tree and Shrub Farms produce the area’s largest selection of hardy, locally-grown trees and shrubs. With over 400+ acres in the Hudson Valley, we can supply our landscape department and nursery center customers with a full range of tree and shrub species and sizes to suit their needs, from young plants to mature specimens up to 40 feet high and larger.

Locally Grown

Rosedale grows over 400 acres of trees and shrubs in the Hudson Valley. Our farms in nearby Montgomery and Gardiner, NY, produce the region’s widest range of trees and shrubs, species and sizes, custom-pruned to fit the special needs of our estate, suburban and city gardening clients. You can be sure that these trees and shrubs — grown locally in our native soils and climate — will thrive in your garden.

Tagging at Farm

Due to their large sizes and ongoing nursery operations, Rosedale’s farms are open by appointment only . We offer a very wide range of our own, pre-dug trees and shrubs – and container and field-grown plants from around the country – at the Nursery Center in Hawthorne, NY. For prospective landscape clients, we ask that you Contact our Landscape Department and arrange for one of your landscape planners to meet you first at home, in order to discuss your project.

Broad Selection

Our pruning methods and specialized care are designed to produce healthy, well branched trees in a range of sizes up to 12-16″ trunk diameter and 40′ height. Rosedale’s broad inventory of locally grown plant species and sizes enables us to meet the needs of a wide range of residential landscape projects, from typical suburban homes to very large estates to city rooftops and courtyard gardens.

To meet the varying needs of our landscape clients and projects, we grown most tree species with a range of branch clearance heights, averaging from 6-12 feet. We also grow some deciduous trees, and evergreen trees and shrubs to meet specific (formal or architectural) garden styles, such as topiary, espalier-trained plants and aerial hedging.

Landscape Expertise

Landscape Expertise

Our experienced landscape planners work closely with our clients to create attractive and enjoyable landscapes.

Nursery Resources

Nursery Resources

A favorite destination since 1898, for the area’s best selection of hardy trees, shrubs and perennials.

“Extensive inventory in a spacious layout. Received extensive assistance and recommendations for our selections. Will definitely make this place our top choice for future plantings.”

Mark B

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