32 lb. bag covers 2,500 sq. ft.

5 lbs. bag for small gardens and containers



Milorganite is an all-purpose slow-release nitrogen fertilizer that safely feeds your lawn, flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and trees for up to 8-10 weeks after application.

Milorganite’s slow-release formula provides nitrogen and other nutrients for up to 8-10 weeks after application. This provides even growth and better root development over a longer period of time instead of a sudden growth spurt and excessive grass clippings. Remember: the best defense against weeds is a healthy lawn!

Slow-release is also good for the environment; Milorganite’s nutrients are released at a rate that plants can use, making it less likely to leach into groundwater.

Slow-release is good for gardens, too. The slow-release nitrogen feeds plants evenly and gradually and doesn’t interfere with flowering or fruit development. Milorganite encourages strong root development, which helps result in greater yields and more vegetables and fruits for you to enjoy!


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