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More Selection, More Variety, The Best Quality

At Rosedale Nurseries, our unparalleled selection makes it easy to choose the right trees and shrubs. Our Nursery Center is organized by plant type, so that you can select trees and shrubs to “build” your garden in the same way a landscape designer would.

Pink Cherry Blossoms

Shade & Flowering Trees

Rosedale’s Nursery Center carries the area’s most complete selection of shade and flowering trees, from easy-to-carry container sizes to landscape specimens of 10″ caliper and 25′ height, and larger. Many of the trees come from our own nearby Hudson Valley Farms, where we take special care to develop well-formed trunks, branches and root systems.

Hydrangea Flowers

Flowering Shrubs

We’ve grown and gathered the area’s widest selection of choice flowering shrubs. You’ll find familiar garden mainstays – like Hydrangea, Lilacs and Viburnums – in sizes from 18″ to 7′. We also carry many attractive and striking, but less familiar species – from Bottlebrush Buckeye to Zenobia.

Close-Up of Blue Spruce Branches

Evergreen Trees

Effective privacy screening and attractive winter character are especially important in our region. We offer a very broad selection of conifers, ranging from Norway Spruce and Pines up to 25′ high and larger, to rare garden specimens.

Field of Boxwoods

Evergreen Shrubs

We grow many of our larger broadleaved and needled evergreen shrubs, and buy from quality growers throughout the U.S. and Canada. You’ll find an incomparable selection of small to large size hedging plants, groundcovers, colorful Rhododendrons and Mountain Laurels, and deer resistant Boxwoods and Japanese Andromedas.

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